What is Sonicx?

SonicX is a blockchain platform that provides trust, security and efficiency. It is a payment gateway that facilitates P2P transactions, a tokenized system for content storage and online gaming. The token can also be used for making cross-border payments. The SonicX blockchain is a decentralized platform for the Internet using the SOX token. This provides a service to address the challenges faced on the Internet. The result is a blockchain architecture that has scalability at minimum cost to the user. The platform’s ecosystem has its own digital governance that allows token holders to have voting rights for the benefit of the community.

The consensus of the platform comprises of a unique dPos consensus that relies on an efficient system of Masternodes & Supernodes for payment processing and transaction verification. With Masternodes, the platform have a scalable network that can achieve higher transaction speeds running along side block producers called Supernodes. They also play an important role to support and process micropayments and payment tunnels. This protects the mainnet from myriads of small transactions generated by payment services while supporting regular repetitive payments.

The native token – SOX serves as a reward for block producers, and also be used for making cross-border payments . Sonicx provides high registered tps of 2000 and aim to achieve over 5000 tps in the future.

Main Features

Token Verfiction infrastructure – A blockchain based public infrastructure to inform the community about verified token issuers. Will be implemented via smart contract(s) which will store and manage registry of verified token issuers.

Short Link Address – Avery useful feature in P2P payments, make blockchain transactions human-readable, can strongly influence mass adoption.

Increased Transactions – Lightning network coupled with P2P optimization to increase TPS can help to make network produce blocks of bigger capacity at a faster rate.

Scalability & Efficiency – The SonicX platform relies on an efficient system of Masternodes & Supernodes for payment processing and transaction verification.

Our Products

SoniceX.com is world’s first crypto exchange that aims to provide MT4 trading for professional forex trades alongside standard crypto-pairs.

Payus.io is a seamless crypto payment processor that removes all the technical complexities encountered in making payments online by integrating everything for the client under one hood and allows them to focus on their business.

E-gaming dAPP is a platform for launching e-games for SonicX community that allows users to earn and spend their SoX.

Cryptolend unlocks the true potential of your cryptocurrency by allowing you to borrow and lend with just a click of a button.

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