Tokoin is a one-stop trade financing platform that helps MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in building their credit scoring and business digital identity. Rather than having traditional business records, with Tokoin, MSMEs will be able to accelerate their profile and create their digital ledger, in which they can use further to gain access and build valuable partnerships to the much-needed counterparts such as financial institutions, suppliers, logistics partners, and potential partners, etc.

Behind the platform, Tokoin uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of the data owned by MSMEs. This also promotes the idea that as the data owners, MSMEs will be able to control and monetize their data themselves, without the existence of the third party.

Tokoin is also the most prominent project from Indonesia that has been backed by three government superbodies which are The Industrial Ministry and Trade Ministry of Indonesia also the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (KADIN Indonesia). Currently, Tokoin has tied partnerships with various institutions both nationally and globally.

 As a blockchain project pioneered by Indonesians, Tokoin proudly says that we have been acknowledged globally and will be the 5th spotlight project on KuCoin exchange platform. Ever since our TOKO Token was being on the spotlight program of KuCoin, our ROI performance remains on the #1 in the world wide.