World Blockchain Forum, known as WBF, was incorporated in New York City in 2017. As a global resource platform, WBF provides media publicity, roadshow and fundraising services for project side only.

WBF is based on Wall Street and is committed to building the world‘s largest blockchain resource and traffic matrix, to making monopoly of brand packaging for blockchain projects, to maximizing the aggregate network、fundraising 、fluidity、globalization and the value of sustainability.

In the future, WBF is going to hold more than 20 blockchain conferences worldwide each year. It is committed to be the world ‘s largest blockchain resource platform and traffic portal and to be the first choice of BTL roadshows for high-quality project in the global blockchain industry.

Technology Reconstructs the World & Links to A Better Future.

Blockchain is not just the next generation nor a value generator of the Internet. It represents a new era consolidated by the future infrastructure of industries influencing different societies.

Blockchain is the revolution of the economy and technology. It develops trust in algorithms, eliminating trust in third parties and establishes new business models for almost all existing industries. The era of Blockchain records the largest digital migration of assets in human history. A hundred-trillions market is underway, global consensus and support is in urgent needs.